7:45 on a Saturday night, I find myself walking down the Eastern Amsterdam dockyards where the Dutch East India Company once had its shipyards and warehouses. December 1st, it is dark, cold and desolate. The city sounds fade and my 5 inch heels are the only sound on the wet and wobbly pavement. In the distance I see silhouettes, the moon circling them like chalk outlines. People are walking side by side in a sort of queue as if they’re going to a Sunday mass. More footsteps, I must be heading in the right direction. I walk around the corner to see fire coming out of oil drums, people warming their hands, their breath forming little clouds. This could be a New York movie scene with vagabonds and roasted chestnuts. I feel excited.

Light is coming out of a warehouse, I’ve reached my destination for the night. As I walk along the dusty floor and graffiti covered walls the contours of the Holland Handwork exposition become clearly visible. It’s an eclectic mix of established and upcoming artists, designers, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, performers and craftsmen. This is a place where the smell of “My Little Pony” burgers by Kitchen of the Undesired Animal fills up the room and water is turned into silver 3D-printed jewellery.

At the end of the hall there’s a big screen and an awaiting audience on and around the installed aircraft seats. There’s a short delay, “the dress hasn’t arrived yet”. Anticipating conversations suddenly turn into soft murmurs as the Mimik teaser starts playing on the silver screen. Cheers come from the crowd! An angelic looking young female enters the stage in her Jantine van Peski dress and steps into the spotlight. White! Cynthesizer starts her spoken word performance; especially composed music reinforces her words that go from slow to fast and from whispers to screams. This poetic waterfall is followed by the short movie Squareplain made by brothers Nick and Thijs Albers and Taro Ishida, which leaves us wondering and wanting more… The launch of the first hard copy of Mimik Magazine – The White Issue – is a fact!

Spoken Word by Cynthesizer

Founder and editor-in-chief Annelies is clearly relieved and happy as she hands out the first copies of the magazine devoted to art, fashion, poetry & prose to the artists that made this launch a success. What better scenery and circumstances to launch this White Issue, which is about desolation, emptiness and desire. Finally we can buy our own copy and have it signed even. Murmurs turn into engaging conversations again, reviewing the night and magazine.

Long may we prosper, wonder and inspire.

Mimik Magazine: The White Issue

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