Last September Motiflow launched a new platform for print on demand textiles and paper. Motiflow is a Dutch startup based in Friesland, offering a European platform for surface pattern designers and illustrators, to enable them to sell their designs on fabrics and other materials. There are several print on demand platforms around, but Motiflow has a clear focus on a cleaner environment, by using non toxic ink, eco-friendly paper and bio cotton. Fabrics are printed with the newest digital techniques and the best quality available, reducing fabric and dye waste to a minimum.

Another unique selling point is that a buyer can choose from several fabric widths: 50 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm (and even up to 300 cm in the near future). At the moment Motiflow offers 2 kinds of organic fabric: Cotton Basic, strong cotton suitable for quilting, clothing, home decor and bags. Cotton Satin is subtle shiny cotton suited for lining apparel, bags, blouses, skirts, scarves, home decor and silky accessories. Soon the paper collection, which now contains Paper Silk will be expanded with paper for giftwrapping purposes and wallpaper.

With even an app available (Android coming soon) it is the world's first mobile platform for patterns, bringing together designers, DIY and other fans of trending designs.

Motiflow works with independent designers to create their print collections. My prints are now also available on the platform and in the app, you can find them here. I'm especially glad to attach my name to a sustainable and ambitious platform that wants to make a difference. My prints are suitable for Fashion, Home and Paper Goods and easy to mix & match.

When you register and fill in your address details, you'll automatically receive a sample kit delivered to your doorstep. For now Motiflow only ships within The Netherlands and to Belgium and Germany, but I wouldn't be surprised if other countries are added soon.

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