While most of you were probably enjoying a relaxing vacation in July or August, I spent my summer stepping out of my comfort zone. Big time!

With no vacation planned ahead and summer being one of the busiest times of the year for my business I soldiered on. I designed lots of prints and patterns for S/S 2018 swimwear collections. Living Colour was gaining more and more attention.

I was invited to give a short lecture about the project at Venture Café during their Fashion Innovation & Sustainability Meeting in July. I had never given lectures before and the last time I stood in front of a group of people and gave a presentation was when I was still studying. The whole thing was very nerve-racking as you can imagine. But everything went well and the room was absolutely packed which was very flattering. The audience was super engaged and I received a lot of interesting questions, which led to new insights for me as well.

As if one presentation wasn't enough, I was asked to be the co-pilot of Future Flight Movie Night: Biodesign x Fashion 2 weeks ago. The crowd here was even bigger! Plus the event was broadcasted live on Instagram. Luckily I didn't know that beforehand. But I blacked out for a second anyway, long live cue cards! You'd think I had enough right? Guess again! I'll be joining Waag Society on stage at the Natural Dyeing Textile Symposium in November.

Although speaking in public doesn't come natural to me I grab the opportunity anyway. It's a great chance to present my work and meet like-minded people. The beautiful thing about stepping out of your comfort zone is that you grow with every step.

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