Often my clients ask me about the fabric printing process. Some of them are starting a brand for the first time. Others have been producing their own products for years, but have never produced custom printed fabric before.

It’s so easy to get lost in the process and to feel overwhelmed by the jargon. Because I love to share my knowledge with you I created the ultimate checklist: "What you need to know before printing your own fabrics".

This checklist contains 36 pages covering a wide variety of topics:

  • Where to find exclusive prints for fabrics?
  • What type of print is suitable for which product; a repeating or placement print?
  • The difference between vector-based or pixel-based prints
  • The textile printing process
  • Colour standards in textile design
  • Dyes & inks to use for textile design
  • Fabric print file types
  • Textile design licensing and copyrights
  • Working with fabric printing manufacturers
  • Sustainability in textile design

For all of you who are thinking about having your own fabrics printed this is a go-to guide. Preparation is everything and with this checklist you’ve got the main topics covered.

Download the checklist for free here.

In upcoming blog posts I will discuss separate chapters from the checklist, so make sure to follow the blog by subscribing per email.

I put a lot of care into creating this checklist, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

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