Friday, 17 July 2015

School's on for Summer!

I'm always keen on improving my design skills and on exploring new grounds. So I signed up for the advanced track of the Make it in Design Summer School. The first creative brief is titled Past Modern/Reworked Classics. It is based upon one of the mega trends for S/S 2016 as provided by trend forecasting service WGSN

The challenge was to design a classic inspired pattern inspired by traditional pattern and ornamentation. Taking lasercuts, papercuts for inspiration as well as geometric patterns.

Some time ago I came up with a design theme called Prints of Persia. I immediately thought this theme was perfect for the challenge. Intricate tiling patterns and ancient Persian geometric forms inspire the Prints of Persia theme. I started by sketching some motifs and took them to the next level. Let me take you through my design process:

kukka sketching geometric motifs for patterns
step 1. sketching geometric motifs

kukka design process of creating repeat patterns
step 2. tracing the sketch and creating repeat patterns

kukka wallpaper mock-up, photo armchair by another country
step 3. creating a mock-up and moodboard to submit

Ok of course the steps are a bit more elaborate and complicated as shown here, but I think you'll get a fun insight anyway. If you have any questions, fire away!

photo credits: mock-up armchair photo by Another Country

Some of my favourite designs from the same challenge include the ones by Christine Gardner, Penelope Bernhardsson and Rositsa Karagiozova, check them out!

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