We are thrilled to announce that our studio has been awarded the 2023 DNA Paris Design Award in the Graphic Design; Colourful Project category. Our limited edition Chromarama Riso art prints have been recognised for their outstanding design and concept.

Chromarama - Art for Everyone

Chromarama is a series of wall art specially designed for different forms of colour blindness, creating a beautiful harmony of colours that can be enjoyed by all. Chromarama helps people with colour vision deficiency distinguish between colours. The work embodies colour and form studies, each with its own function for a particular type of colour blindness. The colours, shapes and textures are coordinated in such a way that the designs and colours are always visible. The aim of Chromarama is to make people aware of the overlooked role of visual impairment in design.  

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Looking Forward to the Award Ceremony

We are eagerly looking forward to the award ceremony, which will be held in Paris on October 6th. This is a huge honour for our studio and a testament to the hard work and dedication to creating meaningful colour stories. We are grateful to the DNA Paris Design Awards for recognising our efforts and selecting us for this year’s award.

Thank you for supporting our studio and we hope to continue to create innovative and meaningful designs in the future. 

To read more about the project, visit the project page or contact us for commissions, exhibitions and press enquiries.

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