Nobody - is a photo series inspired by the Rotterdam street scene at the time of the corona crisis. A time when the city comes to a standstill, social interaction is replaced by distance and empty streets. The absence of man is embodied by only showing the garment in the serene, quiet streets.

Nobody is a collaboration between residents of De Wasserij, the hub for innovative fashion in Rotterdam with fashion entrepreneurs like designers, stylists and photographer who regularly collaborate and use eachothers expertise. The idea for "Nobody" emerged while many residents found themselves in the middle of projects that are being put on hold, postponed, or worse, cancelled and closed stores due to COVID-19. In order to strengthen the community spirit and highlight eachothers crafts and collections and continue working while taking the measures of social distancing in mind, the concept for Nobody was born.

Shoe designer Jolanda van Eijk, fashion stylist Bernadette van Wijlen and fashion photographers Julie Vielvoije and Iris Tempelaar, all located in De Wasserij, took the initiative to create Nobody. The campaign draws attention to the products of local Rotterdam designers in a special way, now that the streets no longer form a stage. With this series, Van Eijk, Van Wijlen, Vielvoije and Tempelaar want to show that creativity cannot be stopped.

Entomology Silk Scarf "Doliops" by Kukka
Bag by an.nur
Ring by Arí van Twillert
Scarf by Atelier Markx
Bag by Berend Brus
Shoes by Eijk
Ring by Fleur Kassels
Jumpsuit by Marlou Verheijden
Sweater by Tegendraads
Top and Bottom by Isabell Schulz
Top and Bottom by Mevan

Julie Vielvoije & Iris Tempelaar

Bernadette van Wijlen

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